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I've been with Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles since them first step, and I don't ever plan on leaving unless they are tired of climbing. This is forever. They saved me. They were on my darkest days. Nobody shoud hate them for living out them dreams. They're the only boys I’ve cried about and meant every tear shed. I would take a bullet for them even though they’ll never know my name. Personally, I think Justin is perfectly perfect. Appreciate him because people like him only come around once in a lifetime and Christian is the hottest man alive in the entire universe, and your argument is an invalid shit. He has changed my life so I'm honored to be a part of changing his.

my theme looks like a shit right now. i was hoping it’s gonna be perfect but no. fuck you. 

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kidrauhl’s anniversary tumblr was filled with baby and old photos of justin. i don’t even want to log in on his birthday, too many emotions.

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